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THE STORY OF JESUS 3 Part DVD Documentary depicting the life of Jesus
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18 Timeless music videos depicting hope, faith and redemption.
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2000 years ago a young Jewish teacher was brutally put to death in Jerusalem. The dramatic story of his life and death became the basis for a religion that today accounts for more than a third of the world's population.

THE STORY OF JESUS is a new major production combining specially shot HD quality drama depicting the life of Jesus, interviews with the world's top academic experts and docu- mentary footage of the latest archaeological finds in Israel and Palestine, including stunning aerial photography of the major sites. This will retell the story of Jesus like never before.

"We are literally seeing people from all different faiths come together and celebrate the life of Christ."
Follow leading experts
archaeologists, theologians and historians
- from such universities as Oxford,
Cambridge, Yale and Princeton,
as they journey through the Holy Land.
  • Rt Revd Tom Wright
  • Prof Obery Hendricks Jr
  • Dr Helen Bond
  • Fr Jerry Murphy O'Connor
  • Dr Andrew Skinner
  • Dr Ben Witherington
  • Dr Joan Taylor
  • Dr Greg Carey
  • Prof James Strange
  • Dr Simon Gathercole
  • Dr Shimon Gibson
  • Dr Claire Pfann
  • Prof Danny Schwartz
  • Dr Moshe David Herr
  • Dr Moti Aviam
  • Dr YairZakovitch
  • Dr Dina Avshalom-Gorni
  • Dr Stephen Pfann
  • Prof Ronny Reich
  • His Beatitude
    Archbishop Theophilos
"I think these films are some of the best religious
TV we have seen in a long time"
– Church Times
"Fresh examination of the
Gospel accounts of Jesus' life"
– The Times

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THE STORY DVD is an unforgettable cinematic experience, with music by some of today's biggest Christian artists. Using dramatic reenacted footage and the very latest in motion animation, The Story will take you on a stunning journey through 18 timeless Biblical chapters of brokenness and hope, failures and rescue, and God's ultimate love and redemption.

  • Peter Furler
  • Matthew West
  • Leigh Nash
  • Mark Hall
  • Megan Garrett
  • Brandon Heath
  • Bart Millard
  • Michael Tait
  • Blanca Nordeman
  • Amy Grant
  • Blanca Callahan
  • Lecrae
  • Mandisa
  • Todd Smith
  • Francesca Battistelli
  • Mac Powell
  • Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Natalie Grant
  • Dan Hasseltine
  • Matt Hammitt
  • Jeremy Camp
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Darlene Zschech
  • Chris Tomlin

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